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What would happen if... you were able to become the confident leader that you always knew you could be?

Can you imagine a world in which you are completely freed of your past and the limitations that you or others have put on yours?

What would happen to your business if you stepped into your greatness and lived your life with reckless abandon?

One: I made four incredible human beings.

Two: When it comes to my coaching, I am 100% immovably confident in my abilities to help you change your life, and thereby your story.

Coaching with me is not some prefabricated program where you go through a workbook and get the same experience as anyone else. Nope! I work with leaders. Leaders of industry. Leaders of the community. Leaders in the home. Everyone is a leader of something. Our journey together is unique from our first hello to our last goodbye. To not have a momentary experience but a complete trajectory change.

My name is Tamara Wren Allingham, but I go by Tamara Wren. I’m a complete northerner that’s found a complete home in the south! I am funny, discerning, honest and quirky! I don’t cook well and I have never been able to figure out how to fold a fitted sheet. But there are two things that I do well.

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That we would be able to go to the Genesis (LOL) point of your pain, triggers or just inability to move further. I wanted to create a program that would allow you to fully see the power of transformative healing. To understand how it all began so that we could transition to full and complete healing. We would be able to go into your story with a heart motivated for a revolutionary change. And not to rewrite your story but have you fall in love with your own story.

My coaching is broken town into very specific and intentional areas where we all get caught. The reasoning in this targeted breakdown was very simple. These are the areas I saw leaders handicapped the most. These are the sand traps of life. I knew if we specifically addressed these areas, through an exploratory lens of healing and wholeness, you were not going to get mere behavioral modifications—but transformation. True and unparalleled transformation that causes a life to never be the same again. Your life! And, fortunately, that is exactly what has happened!

While each client follows a specific format, the work is completely individualized to that person. If you were to compare your coaching journey to another client, there would be little to no overlap. Your life and experiences are incomparable to someone else’s. Therefore, your transformation and healing journey should be completely unique to you. To approach it any different would be a terrible disservice to you.

It is my passion, my complete and utter passion to help people not just get through the day. But fall magnificently in love with their own story, the possibilities of their own life and, ultimately, themselves.

As someone who has experienced decades of debilitating trauma, toxic relationships and self hatred....It is my life’s work to take the freedom that I found and help every human being I can, find it themselves.

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Carolyn Erickson

What an absolute honor and blessing it’s been to work with Tamara Allingham. She is speaking wisdom and LIFE into me. Where I have confusion, she brings clarity. Where I have doubt, she brings belief. Where I have fear, she brings a vision of the greater good. Thankful beyond measure for the unique opportunity to journey with Tamara as we seek to serve our communities.

Melissa Officer-Regier 

Tamara came into my life last September through a business acquaintance who recommended her services. Just filling out Tamara's intake form opened my eyes to who I am. She asked me to define my "why". I decided to be honest, figuring if she gave me the same feedback as I'd received before it was just one more setback. My "why" has, from the beginning been to be able to travel and to help young mom's and middle aged women with no retirement find financial freedom.

I had previously been affirmed in the "why" about me, but always told that helping others wasn't a strong enough reason to get me out of bed every morning. Tamara instead affirmed my why, supported my team, even traveling 6 hours to teach them! Her love and support has buoyed my why and driven me to live it out. Most importantly, I'm emboldened to be me and empower my builders to financial freedom because I met Tamara 9 months ago!

Hannah Rubsam

I coached with Tamara in January of 2018 and would recommend her to anyone! She was always prompt and on time for our sessions and great about communicating plans. I had never coached with anyone before and was pretty clueless on what I wanted help with, her process is set up to really help you identify what you need to work on and then focus on that. My Morning calls with Tamara were the highlight of the month!

Brittany Roscheck

Tamara is the kind of person who helps everyone around see their worth. She is insightful and helps you grow in ways you didn’t even know you needed to!  She will walk through all the junk with you and help you come out better on the other side. Tamara has a gift for seeing the good in everyone around her and she raises you up. When I started belief coaching, I didn’t even know where I needed help. You don’t have to know. Tamara is intuitive and will help guide you every step of the way.

Isabel Calkins 

I have long known that I have some limiting beliefs that have held me back in my business and my life. Trying to identify and then work through these beliefs had not been particularly effective with my husband or friends. I see now that this was because I had already established patterns of communication with them that protected those old beliefs at the expense of my growth and expansion.

Tamara was able to connect with me on a very personal level establishing a trusting relationship whereby I was able to let my guard down and let her in. Once established, she was able to point out to me where these false beliefs had their origin, how they had no validity to who I really am or what I am capable of and most importantly, a clear pathway to move forward!

Tina Salcedo Mulholland

Tamara has been so crucial in crushing my fears and the barriers that hold me back in my success! She is so easy to talk to and helps you turn your fears into momentum! Investing in her is an investment in yourself that is worth every penny!!

Happy Client

Working with Tamara has been the best decision I’ve made in my personal and business life! For so long I felt stuck- focusing on all the wrong things. Since coaching with her I have solidified my rank at Silver. Tamara has been a breath of fresh air. She has taught me to believe in myself again! I am so thankful for her!

Stacie O'Brien

Working with Tamara and becoming friends with her has been a game changer!! In the month we worked together, she really helped me to push past my comfort zone and uncover some of the things that were holding me back and connect on a deeper level spiritually. I’m able to better communicate with my business partners about the areas I need support with, and in turn feel that I’m becoming a better leader. I’m so grateful to have her in my corner! ❤️❤️

Melissa Walker

We had the privilege of hosting Tamara in February to come and do some inspirational work for our team. I had done some personal work with Tamara and felt it would be a huge benefit to everyone. As the organizer of the event I was inwardly worried about it being a success and having everyone leave feeling like it was worth the money!

As soon as Tamara stepped in front of the group I was truly speechless at her way of connecting with the room and her words of wisdom. Her presentation was well put together and exactly what our team needed. She truly understands this business and the ups and downs we face individually as well as the uncomfortable situations that can exist between upline and downlines. If you feel like your team could benefit from a mediator Tamara has a true gift with this. She’s incredibly funny which makes for an engaged audience. All the way around it was a blessing.



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