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Genesis Coaching is a 12 week intensive coaching program. It’s called Genesis because we go back to the beginning and find where the pain started, the lies were formed and the hopes died. The goal is that with multiple sessions (12 to be specific) in a short period, tremendous growth will take place. Where we work one-on-one isolating the limiting beliefs, underlying fears and unsupportive perspectives that can inhibit growth and success in your life & business.

Being a business leader myself, coupled with a long history of coaching, I knew I could serve a need and genuinely help leaders. Leaders of all kinds. Leaders in business. Leaders in their community. Leaders in their home.

To help you face your fears, adopt new perspectives and willingly challenge your beliefs that have limited your life. This has, undoubtedly, become my life’s work!

You have to recognize that you’re pain, your tragedies, your trauma, your shame and your regret are living proof that you are stronger than anything that have been through.

Why? Because you’re still alive.

3 month commitment

private coaching


12 individual sessions with me

A very specific and individualized approach to your healing journey. There is nothing in this program that is assembly line!

12 group sessions with the other clients going through the intensive

Weeks 1 /2: Shame
Weeks 3 /4: Guilt
Weeks 5 /6: Self-doubt
Weeks 7/8: Self-sabotage
Weeks 9/10: Rejection & fear
Weeks 11/12: Worth

What's Included?

My heart has been heavy for a while that I couldn’t facilitate the needs of all of the people who reached out to me. Individual one-on-one coaching is not a reality for some. Therefore, Lumos Group Coaching was born!

Lumos is a 12 week Group Coaching intensive. With 12 weekly group sessions, we will be able to accomplish transformative work. We would be able to go into your story with a heart motivated for a revolutionary change. And not to rewrite the story but for you to fall in love with own story.

Lumos is broken down into very specific areas where we all struggle.

Lumos is serving the heart of everyone who wants to work with me and experience healing!

With Lumos you will receive:

Don’t reinvent the wheel, but get your own rims. Building the business is not replacing and identity. Building a business, or passion... is building and leveraging on an identity.

3 month commitment

group coaching


Weeks 1 /2: Shame
Weeks 3 /4: Guilt
Weeks 5 /6: Self-doubt
Weeks 7/8: Self-sabotage
Weeks 9/10: Rejection & fear
Weeks 11/12: Worth

12 weekly group sessions with very targeted areas of healing

Specific assignments to further build on the group session and help you grow in your self-awareness and embrace your healing journey

A private Facebook community with the other individuals in your group coaching round

Do you feel like giving up? Are you struggling with balancing your business, your family, and finding time for your own sanity? Are you ready to deep dive into what fuels your soul?

Leadership is born in a Valley called disappointment. How you handle disappointment is the doorway to success.

$397 / hour

Enlightenment Intensive

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